Ghanshyam Sarda- The true source of inspiration

The name of the chairman of Sarda Group is Shri Ghanshyam Sarda.

His entire focus was centred upon the best way to revive the moribund jute industry. There cannot be an iota of doubt that the jute industry was considered to be one of the major export earners for India. Thus, he realized the need to revive this ailing industrial sector. Indeed, he is a man of deeds and played an instrumental role in reviving the sick Indian Jute Industry.

Different organizations

This famous business personality is the leader of the Sarda group of industries. One of the other aspects that you need to stay informed about is that he is the owner of a charitable trust called Chandakala Devi Trust. The primary industrial sectors with which Sarda Group of Industries deals with include both information technology and jute trades. The different companies owned by this organization are:

  • Vision Comptech
  • Agarpara Jute Mill
  • Axsys Technologies
  • Alwar Jute Mill

Headquarter of the Sarda Group of Industries is located in the city of Kolkata. Also, Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata industries are scattered all over the state of West Bengal.

Myriad of fields

Presently, there are as many as eight jute mills which combined produces as much as five hundred jute ton products on a daily basis. The Jute Mill that is set up in Alwar boasts of an investment of 100 crores. As far as the industrial scenario in West Bengal remains concerned, Sarda group employs manpower of more than 50,000 people. Indeed, it is one of the largest employers in this state. He is one of the few Businessmen in Kolkata who has remained associated solely with the business sector. Some of the other fields with which he has maintained his association are:

  • Public Affairs
  • Sports
  • Events

A number of eminent personalities in the state of West Bengal have appreciated Mr. Sarda for his instrumental role in reviving the sick jute industry and providing employment for a majority of all individuals in West Bengal. The encouraging aspect with Mr. Sarda was that he always had an inner desire to do good for the society. Such a mindset proved to be instrumental in encouraging him to set up the Ram Dev Sarda Maha Vidyalaya. The underlying principle behind setting up this management college is to return whatever we take from the society, surroundings and environment. On a yearly basis, there are as many as five thousand students who get enrolled in the above-mentioned college.

It is hard to ignore the verity that millions of individuals look upon Mr. Sarda as a true source of inspiration. Persons who have heard the speech delivered by him at the BE Alumni must have realized that he indeed is the wellhead immense knowledge. In his speech, he made it amply clear that it is not right to look upon knowledge as power. Rather, you must look up the same as potential power. According to Mr. Sarda, Knowledge is useless if you do not have the courage to act upon it.

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