Ghanshyam Sarda

Ghanshyam Sarda group reveals their expansion strategy

The Ghanshyam Sarda group, which recently acquired the Gaur Hari Singhania group’s JK Jute Mill in Kanpur, is eyeing a pan-India presence in jute goods manufacturing.

Following the acquisition of the Kanpur mill, which has a capacity of 120 tonnes per day (TPD), the Rs 2,000-crore Sarda group’s jute goods manufacturing capacity now stands at 560 tonnes per day.

Apart from seven jute mills in Bengal, the group has set up plants in Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The group is setting up a mill in Rajasthan and is also planning a unit in Tamil Nadu.

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda

While announcing the acquisition of JK Jute Mill, group chairman Ghanshyam Sarda said, “The idea was to take production units closer to consumers. The latest acquisition will help prompt delivery of jute bags to sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh.’’

The 60-tpd mill being set up at Alwar in Rajasthan will begin production this fiscal.

Together, the mills in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, both located close to the sugar and foodgrain production centres of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, will ensure prompt delivery of sacks for packing during the rabi and kharif crop procurement seasons, Sarda said.

Sarda said the Tamil Nadu government had asked the group to consider setting up a jute mill in the state.

“We are enthusiastic about the proposal and are negotiating with the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation and Tamil Nadu Sugar Mills Federation, both of which are large consumers of jute bags,’’ Sarda said.

These two organisations buy jute bags worth over Rs 100 crore annually.

The group has also drawn up a major human resource development initiative.

Training centres for jute mill workers have been set up at the group’s Agarpara and Titaghar mills where batches of 100 are being trained. The course offers assured jobs after the completion of the one-year training programme.

“The industry is full of unskilled workers. Developing skills will help the industry meet global demands for eco-friendly products made of natural fibre,” Ghanshyam Sarda said.

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Ghanshyam Sarda plans to open a training centre for jute products

Ghanshyam Sarda, the Chairman of Sarda Group, told newspersons that the jute business was looked with a deficiency of talented labor. All things considered, the 100-year-old industry had not yet possessed the capacity to set up an appropriate instructional hub that could affect training and specialized abilities to individuals looking for work in the jute business, he said.

The Rs. 2,000-crore turnover Sarda Group, which has business interests in jute, land and IT, has solidified plans to set up an instructional hub for incompetent laborers in the jute business.

The Group, which at present has under its ambit eight jute factories which together deliver 500 tons of jute items day by day, plans to set up a jute process in Alwar, Rajasthan, at an expected venture of Rs. 100 crore.

ghanshyam sarda
Alwar Jute mill – Ghanshyam Sarda

From cutting-edge preparing in jute generation and shop floor procedures and applications, labourers would be prepared to enhance their employability in the jute business. Regardless, 100 individuals would be prepared for a time of a half year. Throughout the following one year, around 1,000 would be occupied with the preparation procedure. Amid the preparation time frame, learners would be paid a stipend of Rs. 30 every day and furthermore be given one meal.

As indicated by Ghanshyam Sarda, if the examination demonstrated effectively, the gathering would set up more such instructional hubs in different parts of the State.

On the jute mill in Alwar, Mr Sarda said, “We have chosen Alwar as the location because the maximum consumption of jute bags and jute fabrics is in North India”.

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Ghanshyam Sarda talked about Survival Instinct at IIEST College Alumni

Ghanshyam Sarda Addresses IIEST College Alumni Association On Survival Instinct

Ghanshyam Sarda as of late tended to a social occasion of the IIEST School Graduated class Affiliation where he discussed the significance of growing great survival nature for the sprouting business people and directors. He worried on the way that one ought not to get dampened and quit attempting after a couple of disappointments and gave the case of Abraham Lincoln and Henry Passage who got exceedingly fruitful sometime down the road, regardless of a few starting difficulties

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda talked about Survival Instinct

The gathering was gone to by a few dignitaries like Prof. Shankar Sen, bad habit chancellor, Jadavpur University, Prof. Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee, Vice Chancellor, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology and Rabindranath Dutta, Sheriff of Calcutta.

Indeed, even in India, Narayana Murthy began INFOSYS in 1981 with ten thousand rupees acquired from his significant other, alongside six different experts. The Company faltered along for a long time and around 1988 the six different accomplices needed to stop. Narayana Murthy, in any case, stayed ardent. He had full confidence and faith in his vision and disclosed to them that on the off chance that they needed, they could pitch their offers to him. He realized that he had a mission to achieve and worked with a reasonable vision towards it. The outcome is before the world today.

Ghanshyam Sarda told, “My own life began into a great degree attempting and unassuming conditions with a most standard foundation of crude jute exchanging and an organization having the quality of one and a half people – when I say half, I mean one Accountant and a Peon. Today our gathering has a workforce of just about one lac individuals.”

Ghanshyam Sarda included, “I began my profession in a little open desk area of 10 feet x 10 feet. I confronted a wide range of restriction – from relatives to the most astounding Political levels. In any case, companions my objective, my objective, my main goal were dependably a need for me and today we are one of the biggest bosses in Bengal having various Industries from Jute to chemicals to IT. I have dependably trusted that misfortune is the best University.”

Ghanshyam Sarda went on to quote some classics to motivate the present students:

The Survivor sees an answer for every problem.
The loser sees a problem for every answer.

Survivors have dreams
Losers have schemes.

Winners say, I must do something;
Losers say; something must be done.

They see the gain;
Losers see the pain.

They make it happen
Losers let it happen.

He concluded by remarking

Knowledge is not power, knowledge is only potential power. It transforms itself into actual power the moment you decisively act on it. Knowledge is knowing what to do next, but the more important skill is knowing how to do it

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Clean City campaign initiative taken by Ghanshyam Sarda

Ghanshyam Sarda took an initiative to run the clean city campaign. The city of Kolkata is all geared up for a clean city drive. With the level of environmental pollution going up in and around the city, it is just time to welcome a garbage-free ambience.

With the activity of the Lions Club Worldwide task, the battle for the perfect city drive has started in a dynamic way. With a gathering of 2,500 individuals from various parts of the city, it has just begun the strategy and 60 eminent clubs are likewise a piece of it. The crusade expects to spread itself at various wards of the city.

ghanshyam sarda
Clean city campaign by Ghanshyam Sarda

Ghanshyam Sarda is one of the top class and influential business leaders from the city of Kolkata. Over the years, he has established a great business credential with a variety of investments. With a diversified interest in some of the most important commercial ventures like jute, education, petrochemicals and information technology he has to lead the decade-old Sarda group with an example. As one of the pioneer business leaders from the city, he is a keen supporter of the clean city drive campaign.

In the city of Kolkata itself, more than 5,732 tons of waste is created all the time. This waste should be dumped someplace and the spotless city drive crusade has been sorted out to decrease the trouble of contamination in the city. According to a current report which has been directed by the South Asian Discussion For Condition, among the aggregate waste which is created just 700 tons is reused. Whatever remains of the waste goes to the dumping station at Dhapa.

The various members of the Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata group are quite keen about the campaign and support it quite actively. Already a digital media publicity campaign for the project has been launched with constant updates on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Ghanshyam Sarda signing up Grand Monorail Venture

Ghanshyam Sarda signing up grand monorail venture since the city of Kolkata certainly requires a transportation change. Everyday commuters who travel in the city face a common problem of traffic.

The current Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has taken several important initiatives for the development of the state and the transportation system requires a major overhaul.

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata Monorail venture

A monorail wander has been arranged in the city of Kolkata which can unquestionably diminish the transportation hardships of the suburbanites. The monorail venture is altogether slated to come up in the business territory of Rajarhat which will make it simple for the travellers to go from one place to the next.

Ghanshyam Sarda is a standout amongst the most prominent business pioneers from the city of Kolkata. Throughout the years he has made expanded interests in a few areas which incorporate jute, petrochemicals, instruction and data innovation.

The monorail venture going to come up in the territory of Rajarhat has been started by the Scomi Engineering bunch which is a worldwide supplier of such top of the line monorail transportation frameworks. A stupendous scale meeting was sorted out in the nation of Singapore where the authorities from both the Sarda gathering and Scomi Engineering took an interest. In the business summit, it was talked about that a speculation of 2,500-3,000 crores will be made for this specific undertaking.

The individuals from the Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata gather effectively underpins this task and they are very quick to make it a significant achievement. The business elements and greatness of the gathering will be additionally improved by starting such a venture and as of now, the whole arrangement has been made. This sort of a venture unquestionably accompanies numerous advantages and will make a scope of work open doors too. The East-West Kolkata Metro is likewise coming up and the monorail venture will go about as its sufficient partner.

The present boss priest of West Bengal has likewise taken various activities to keep the state ahead as far as urbanization and transportation. The workers have confronted an assortment of transportation issues and a current business summit was composed in the nation of Singapore. In the mechanical summit which occurred in the city of Singapore, business pioneers from various parts of the globe had participated.

In the business summit which was held in the nation of Singapore, the individuals from the Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata aggregate led a point by point talk with those from Scomi Engineering. Distinctive kinds of hypothetical and specialized parts of the task were examined in the gathering. The point of the undertaking is to make new openings for work for the young of the state. The adolescent is absolutely searching for a venture of such an expansive stature and needs it to come to fruition instantly.

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Ghanshyam Sarda during the Dhaak Utsav in Durga Puja 2017

Governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi, Ghanshyam Sarda inaugurated the Annual Dhak Utsav organised by Manicktalla Chaltabagan Lohapatti Durga Puja Committee on Wednesday, where the entire cast of Bengali film Zulfiqar was present.

Governor Tripathy said that people at home and abroad are celebrating twin festivals, Durga Puja and Dussehra.

“Shakti or divine energy is the permanent identity of Durga. I hope this shakti would drive away all negativities in personal lives of people as well as from society,” said Governor Tripathi.

The puja committee started its journey way back in 1943 as a small celebration in one of the shops.

The theme of Chaltabagan in 2016 is Ichhapuran or fulfilment of wishes.

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda and Actor Dev during the Dhaak Utsav organised by Manicktalla Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja Committee

The initiation discovered performing artist Ananya Chatterjee, Pallavi Chatterjee and Shreya Pande blowing on the Shankha (Conch), performer Prosenjit Chatterjee discussing slokas and the industrialist mammoth no other than Ghanshyam Sarda pays tribute to the social legacy of the locale.

Sundeep Bhutoria, Chairman, Manicktala Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja Committee stated: “For the past numerous years, Dhak Utsav has been instrumental in uniting eminent identities having a place with different fields of activity.”

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Ghanshyam Sarda is the true source of inspiration

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda receiving award from the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh

The name of the chairman of Sarda Group is Ghanshyam Sarda. His whole concentration was focused on the ideal approach to resuscitating the incurable jute industry.

There can’t be a particle of uncertainty that the jute business was thought to be one of the real fare workers for India. Accordingly, he understood the need to resuscitate this feeble modern division. Undoubtedly, he is a man of deeds and assumed an instrumental part in resuscitating the debilitated Indian Jute Industry.

Different organizations

This popular business identity is the pioneer of the Sarda gathering of ventures. One of the alternate perspectives that you have to remain educated about is that he is the proprietor of a magnanimous trust called Chandakala Devi Trust. The essential mechanical segments with which Sarda Group of Industries manages incorporate both data innovation and jute exchanges. The distinctive organizations possessed by this association are:

  • Vision Comptech
  • Agarpara Jute Mill
  • Axsys Technologies
  • Alwar Jute Mill

Headquarter of the Sarda Group of Industries is located in the city of Kolkata. Also, Ghanshyam Sarda Kolkata industries are scattered all over the state of West Bengal.

Myriad of fields

Presently, there are as many as 8 jute mills which combined produces as much as five hundred jute ton products on a daily basis. The Jute Mill that is set up in Alwar boasts of an investment of 100 crores. As far as the industrial scenario in West Bengal remains concerned, Sarda group employs manpower of more than 50,000 people. Indeed, it is one of the largest employers in this state. He is one of the few Businessmen in Kolkata who has remained associated solely with the business sector. Some of the other fields with which he has maintained his association are:

  • Public Affairs
  • Sports
  • Events

A number of eminent personalities in the state of West Bengal have appreciated Ghanshyam Sarda for his instrumental role in reviving the sick jute industry and providing employment for a majority of all individuals in West Bengal. The encouraging aspect with Ghanshyam was that he always had an inner desire to do good for the society. Such a mindset proved to be instrumental in encouraging him to set up the Ram Dev Sarda Maha Vidyalaya. The underlying principle behind setting up this management college is to return whatever we take from the society, surroundings and environment. On a yearly basis, there are as many as five thousand students who get enrolled in the above-mentioned college.

It is hard to ignore the verity that millions of individuals look upon Ghanshyam as a true source of inspiration. Persons who have heard the speech delivered by him at the IIEST Alumni [ref: Ghanshyam Sarda speech at IIEST Alumni ] must have realized that he indeed is the wellhead immense knowledge. In his speech, he made it amply clear that it is not right to look upon knowledge as power. Rather, you must look up the same as potential power. According to Ghanshyam Sarda, Knowledge is useless if you do not have the courage to act upon it.

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Ghanshyam Sarda – Jute Industry is ready to receive a major boost!

ghanshyam sarda
Ghanshyam Sarda receiving an award from honourable CM Mamata Banerjee

All attention of Ghanshyam Sarda was targeted on the simplest approach of obtaining the moribund jute trade out of bother. Previously, jute trade was thought of to be one in each of the foremost exporters of India.

The courageousness and temperament he displayed therefore on revive the 9 sick jute mills actually demand a substantial degree of appreciation and focus. In fact, he had been operating day-in and day-out to supply customers with a far better quality of life.

The reason that he targeted all his thoughts in restorative the trade was that he accomplished that it’s attainable to use jute product the maximum amount as attainable.

Jute a far better Product

If you perform an exact degree of analysis, it’ll be attainable for you to comprehend that jute product is really efficient among an efficient rate, you’ll be ready to request advantage of a far better product.

The relentless effort and talent displayed by the Businessmen in the metropolis was the only real motivating issue behind the expansion of as several as eight jute mills beneath its reach. The areas wherever he was ready to got wind of the jute trade are:

  • Rajasthan
  • Alwar

The fact that the mills at the above-mentioned places produce an estimated investment of Rs 100 seems to be the single most encouraging aspect.

Manpower Shortage

As per a press release issued by man Ghanshyam Sarda, there was a vast shortage of arch hands. Also, he created it clear that the trade was unable to line up a certified coaching centre that would provide the required quality education to professionals across the jute trade.

This was the sole reason that Sarda group went ahead with its initiative in offering jute training to all unskilled workers in the jute industry. It was made clear that more such training institutes would be set up if the training remains a success.

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